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5 Bathroom Remodeling Ideas to Maximize Storage

5 Bathroom Remodeling Ideas to Maximize Storage 

When homeowners are interested in remodeling their small bathroom in their homes there tends to be two main priorities: Maximizing space and increasing storage.  Both of these can be game changes when it comes to comfort and convenience of your space, however they require a bit of creativity and strategic thinking.  You can use a variety of modifications during the bathroom makeover process to cultivate a space that fits everything you need or use on a daily basis without becoming cluttered and dysfunctional.  

How Do You Maximize Storage in a Bathroom?

When you begin developing a plan of work for your bathroom remodel there are several factors to consider, including your budget and your project priorities.  You may have the space and funds available to physically expand your bathroom and add extra storage and features.  Although in many cases your goal may be to work with the space that you already have to increase storage in a cost effective way.  The good news is that by enhancing your storage capacity you will likely end up with a more spacious and streamlined bathroom.  

For some remodeling a bathroom can be a daunting task whether they plan to utilize the existing space or expand it.  That is why finding the right contracting group can save you time and money!  A professional team will be able to work with you to ensure that you get the bathroom you always envisioned.  However, we have come up with 5 tips to help you create storage in your bathroom. 

Build-in Medicine Cabinet

Medicine cabinets provide valuable storage in a bathroom, but they also can be a bit obtrusive in a smaller space.  One solution to this problem is to install a built-in medicine cabinet that sits back in your walls.  With enough depth and width to store all your needs ranging from towels, washcloths, and other daily items.  With the space that you are saving from your built-in medicine cabinet it is recommended to compliment it with power outlets and lights.  This will make your life that much easier when getting ready for your day.  

Standalone Shower

If you have the benefit of having a full bathroom in your home you may have a bathtub-shower combo.  This might be your ideal setup, especially if you have younger children or even a dog.  However as your family dynamic evolves over time, there may come a point where a standalone shower is valued more.  Converting your combo shower-tub into just a standalone shower opens up space for more creativity on your bathroom remodel.

Use Hooks 

Another way to add storage to a small bathroom is to use hooks.  There are several over the door options, or you can install a few permanent hooks by your shower, sink or any wall space.  While the obvious use for hooks is to hang towels or hand cloths to dry, they can actually serve a wider range of purposes.  For example, put a few rolls of toilet paper into a decorative bag that can rest from a hook, or use it to hang a lightweight organizer for your accessories.  This enables you to make more creative use of the wall space in your bathroom.


Go Vertical

In general, when your space is tight, you should think about utilizing vertical space.  You want to leave plenty of floor space for moving around smoothly.  A few ideas for adding storage space include setting up an over-bathroom-sink shelf for storing your smaller toiletries, installing hotel shelves adobe the door or high up in your shower, or hanging a small ladder behind your toilet to hold a shower caddy or your towels.

Floating Shelves

You can also add storage to your bathroom when remodeling by installing floating shelves above your toilet or using other open spaces.  Generally, you do not want them to stick out so far that they get in the way.  Even settling for narrower shelves should create you enough space for keeping cosmetics or even cleaning supplies.  If you are looking for an aesthetic look these are a great option to your contractor.


Unconventional Spaces

When remodeling a bathroom to improve storage efficiency, you have to look for every opportunity to optimize.  For example, adding a roll-out organizer to your deep cabinets.  There are many ways to make a change that will go a long way when storing your daily items away.  A professional contracting team will be able to see the potential of your space and help you still upgrade the storage!


Optimize Your Bathroom with TnA!

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