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5 Kitchen Layouts To Consider

Despite what most think, having a bigger kitchen is not always the better option.  There are certainly perks of having additional storage and counter space.  However, the key to functionality in your kitchen is space that optimizes the work triangle: the fridge, the range, and the sink.  Too close and you simply do not have enough space to work, but too far and you feel exhausted by the time you are done cooking.  If you are planning on remodeling your kitchen the first step is picking out the layout that works best for you, and contacting a professional remodelers!

One-Wall Kitchen

The single-wall kitchen is a very basic and popular choice for small homes and even loft apartments.  This is due to the ability of making most of the space.  As the name applies the counters and appliances are all lined up against a single wall, which makes installation easier.  Making your life easier as you move from one task to the next as everything you need is in front of you.  If there is left over space an island is a great way to fill up space and keep functionality high with this design!

Galley Kitchen

A galley kitchen is a simple design that offers two walls that run parallel to each other.  This layout just like the one-wall is another design that works well in smaller homes.  With the smaller space that is offered it is really optimal for one cook at a time.  There is usually room to open these designs up if you are able to swap a wall for an island with cabinets to keep the storage space but give you more space to move around. 


The L-shaped kitchen is one of the most popular due to the optimal functionality it offers and can be adapted to almost any size space.  As the name applies the L-shape offers cabinetry and appliances along two adjacent walls.  There is definitely enough space for multiple cooks in the kitchen at once.  Depending on the amount of space that is offered between the adjacent walls there is even an option for an island.  

U-Shaped Kitchen

The U-shaped kitchen or horseshoe, adds a third wall to the L-shaped kitchen.  The cook will be surrounded by walls on all three sides.  The benefits of a U-shape is the amount of counter space that can be provided.  These designs are great for both small and large spaces.  You even have the option to add a peninsula or a floating island, which is great to keep the room from feeling closed off.  

G-Shaped Kitchen

Rounding out the last of the kitchen designs is the G-shaped kitchen.  This design occupies three full walls and a partial fourth.  The fourth wall is typically a peninsula, ideal for barstool seating.  Sadly, a small room will not benefit the same as a large room with a G-shaped kitchen. However, if you do have small space and really want to make it work consider removing the small fourth wall.  

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