5 Ways to Make a Smaller Bathroom Bigger

When it comes to updating or even remodeling a bathroom it can be stressful and costly.  Bathrooms are at their best when form meets function allowing an enjoyable experience.  When it comes to smaller bathrooms it is typically for home owners to feel cramped.  This is relevant especially when elements of your bathroom are working to diminish the size of the room, rather than expand it.  

If you are someone that has been thinking of transforming your small bathroom layout to offer more storage or space we can help.  The experts at T n A Contracting Group have the experience and knowledge to complete a full bathroom remodel or even small updates! For now here are some tips on making your small bathroom look and feel bigger.  

How to Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger

If you are not looking to take on a full remodeling project due to time and money restrictions here are five areas that can be updated to help! 

  1. Updating Shower Enclosure 
  2. Tile 
  3. Shelving & Storage 
  4. Paint 
  5. Décor 

Updating the Shower 

Usually the piece of a bathroom that takes up the most space is the shower and bathtub.  Consider placing a clear glass frameless enclosure.  Due to the size and the connections there are limited possibilities before a full remodeling would make more sense.  The glass door of the shower will give the bathroom that bigger feeling due to the depth perception the door offers.   When it comes to the dimensions of your bathroom it is important to consider where the tub or shower is placed and how you plan to have the door open.  Are sliding racks more ideal or would a pivot be better? If the answer is neither, a doorless shower may be the best fit for your comfort and needs!


When it comes to bringing a new identity into your bathroom tile is the way to go.  New tiles can add an entirely new look with a wide variety of color, patterns, and sizes.  Just the placement of the tile can change how a bathroom feels; it can even make the difference of making the room look bigger.  Giving the eyes multiple “stopping points” as they follow the tile up to the ceiling of the room.  The color of the tile you select can play a role as well.  A lighter color tile will open up the room while giving the illusion of light.  

Shelving & Storage

Bathrooms need storage! It is important to have your access to daily essentials.  However, bulky storage options can hurt your bathroom space if it is already small.  Recessed shelving is a great option to keep your essentials in arm reach while leaving plenty of room to move around.  Pedestal sinks are another way you can go but there is a trade off that comes with them.  You will be left with more floor space but you will need to find a place to store whatever you had under the sink.  


One of the easiest ways to get started on updating a bathroom is to update the paint.  Lighter colors just like the tiles will give you the ability to offer a bigger feel to the room.  Consider if the room is already receiving natural light or not.  If it is then you can go a couple shades darker without compromising the feel of the room.  If the bathroom is not getting enough or any natural light to begin with it is best to stay as light as you can with your color choice.  

Help From a Local Expert 


If you have a vision of what you expect your bathroom to look like, great! If you are still considering what to do with the space offered in your bathroom that is ok too.  Our expert team is glad to help you plan out and execute every step of the way.  No matter if it is a full remodel or a new shower the first step is to reach out! Get in touch today by calling us at 774-365-0618 or by filling out a contact form on our site!

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