Carver, MA

Kitchen, Bathroom & Decking Contractors in Carver, MA

Carver is a Massachusetts town located in Plymouth County. With a population now over 10,000 residents, Carver is best known for its tourist attractions. When it comes to kitchen, bathroom and decking services in Carver, MA you can count on T n A Contracting to get the job done! Whether its a smaller remodeling project or a bigger one, our attention to detail, prompt work and passion always remains the same. 

Kitchen Remodeling in Carver, MA 

Is it time to give your kitchen a new look? If your kitchen looks or feels uninspiring, a kitchen remodel may be just what it needs. A kitchen remodel will keep the foundation of the kitchen the same, but provide upgrades to necessary appliances. With a kitchen remodel there is no limit to what can get changed. From sinks, to countertops, to cabinets, etc., a kitchen remodel can bring new life into your home!    

Bathroom Remodeling in Carver, MA  

If your bathroom has never been remodeled, now might be a good time to get it done! There are so many options when it comes to a bathroom remodel. Here are some ideas:

  • New Sink
  • New Bath Tub
  • New Shower stall
  • New Floor Pattern
  • New Mirrors
  • New Toilet 

If you believe your current bathroom has run its course, do not hesitate to remodel your bathroom this year! 

Deck Contractors in Carver, MA

Decks create additional living space and what homeowner does not want that? Outdoor decks improve a homes functionality and value. When the weather is nice, decks are great place to work, eat, relax, play and spend time with others. T n A offers a variety of materials from the top of the line manufacturers to create the deck that best suits your family.  Our team will prioritize communication throughout the whole process from design to the finishing touch. 

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T n A Contracting Group has been providing both interior and exterior services to the town of Carver since 2021. Whether its a bathroom remodel, kitchen remodel, or deck install, we love helping out our communities any way we can! We leave no stone unturned and are always willing to go the extra mile! We will not be satisfied until our clients are.  Contact us to get started on an estimate! 

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