Home Remodeling Services in East Bridgewater, MA

East Bridgewater is a town located in the Plymouth County of Massachusetts. Not to be confused with West Bridgewater, East Bridgewater is substantially the larger of the two Bridgewater towns. East Bridgewater recently eclipsed 14,500 residents. East Bridgewater is just a few towns over from our office in Taunton, so we do work in the area quite often! If you are an East Bridgewater resident, continue reading to learn how we can help!

Kitchen Remodeling Services in East Bridgewater, MA 

One skill our professional team possesses is kitchen remodeling services.   Whether you are looking to upgrade your kitchen to more of a modern look and feel or get a completely new redesign our team can help! Your kitchen is an area that you and your family are going to spend a lot of time cooking, preparing, and baking.  Your kitchen should provide you and your family the functionality along with the space needed to conduct all your cooking and prepping needs. 

Bathroom Remodeling Services in East Bridgewater, MA

Your bathroom is a room that should provide you with comfort and storage space.  Considering your bathroom is used each and every day it should allow you the functionality to conduct your daily activities with ease.   Our team has years of experience when it comes to working with remodeled bathrooms.  From shower tile to vanities.  We can assist you with remodeling an overdue master bathroom or expanding a half bath into a full!

Deck Contractors in East Bridgewater, MA 

Decks are a great addition to a home.  They do a great job of keeping you connected to both your home and your yard.  Leaving you and your family with the ability to have easy access, more space, and of course fun!  No matter if you are looking to enjoy your summer nights by a fire roasting marshmallows or looking to add additional space, our team can assist you with all your deck remodeling needs!

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T n A Contracting Group has been providing both interior and exterior services to the town of East Bridgewater since 2021.  We have been able to assist with kitchen, bathroom, and deck remodeling services.  Contact us to get started on an estimate by calling us at 508-387-9302 or by filling out a contact form on our website!

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