How to Add Privacy to a Deck

Decks are becoming more diverse these days being used for a wide variety of activities.  Such as relaxation, work, or even fun.  Maintaining a level of privacy can help homeowners maximize productivity when working from home and their ability to unwind during a staycation.  This may appear an issue for more elevated decks that peak above fence lines; ground level decks can also benefit when features are incorporated that allow less sightlines.  

Privacy decks can help homeowners design an outdoor living space that gives them the ability to have a quiet space while still encouraging social interactions with neighbors.  There is a fine line when it comes to having enough privacy and allowing the deck to connect with its surroundings.  Here are some features that you can incorporate into your deck build to offer more privacy.  

Privacy Walls Built From Deck Boards: 

Homeowners that are looking for stationary and permanent features, installing a privacy fence or even wall could be the addition you are looking for. These walls are built out of composite deck boards. The boards sit on vertical steel joists to the deck’s outer joist and get joined together with horizontal evenly spaced deck boards.   These walls can create that lasting and stylish nook that you are looking for. An alternative idea would be to make a privacy fence.  Similar concept but, the difference is that you will be joining two railings with the composite boards instead.  

Before installing your new privacy wall be sure to check with a professional as the feature will need to adhere to all local safety codes.  

Building a Privacy Screen: 

If you are not a fan of the stationary option talked about previously that is fine.  With a privacy screen it gives you the option to be mobile with it.  All the homeowner needs is deck boards and fascia to build a deck partition.  These can be simple walls that offer ground support or even folding series of panels.  Planters could also be a great touch to stabilize the bottom while adding a touch of greenery.  The beauty of the movable privacy screen is the lightweight of the wall.  These walls can offer a 45% lighter load compared to other composite walls.  

Having Privacy with a Pergola:

Privacy features can also bring in diversity to your backyard by offering multiple functions.  One of the many features that a steel pergola can offer is curtains.  They give the homeowner the ability to shut them and close off the outside world, or they can open them up fully and enjoy the breeze.  However your mood feels like at the time you have the ability to change that in the matter of seconds.  The steel pergola also offers an aesthetic appeal to your deck. Drawing all the attention to it and becoming a focal point for others to gather.  

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