How to Choose the Best Deck Design for Your Home

The exterior of your home should be as carefully constructed and decorated as the interior when it comes to remodeling your living space.  One of the most essential spaces to think about is the deck.  It’s design often goes beyond the typical aesthetic requirements for your residential property since the style of this particular area can either clash with or complement your interiors.Choosing the right design that can suit both your personal preferences and functional must-haves is an important step to carry out before building your deck.  

Determining the Purpose of the Deck   

There are plenty of sensible reasons to build a decked area in your exterior space, and most of them emphasize the functionality and practicality of the addition.  If you are a person who frequently likes to host parties in the neighborhood, you will need sufficient room for a number of guests, a grill, built-in seats and, maybe even a bar.  Adding stairs that lead down to the backyard will also allow the celebration to spread out.  


A deck also provides the seamless transition from the interior to the exterior, giving you an outside-in feeling while quietly relaxing and appreciating the cool breeze.  In addition your appropriate decking railing can be determined by your family dynamics.  For some families with children a higher railing that offers support and safety from certain heights like a terrace or balcony may be preferred.  

Creating the Space 

Most of the time, deck designs are ideal for creating extra space for residents.  If you already have a garden with substantial square footage, a composite decking can complement your lush, green piece of land with a sophisticated design.  For smaller exteriors, on the other hand, a deck installation can create the illusion of bigger space in the garden.  Areas that are a bit smaller in size can also greatly benefit from natural-looking decks that fit well with the flourishing surroundings.  It is a smart move to complement the design with a deck railing system that is not obtrusive to make sure the area does not appear restricted or cramped.  

Prioritizing Privacy

If privacy is one of the main priorities of your property.  There are many forms of aiding your need for privacy such as fences, hedges, or other sorts of barriers between your backyard and the rest of the neighborhood.   The truth of the matter is that it may feel difficult to find privacy especially when you want to freely relax on your own well decorated deck.  However, the good news is that there are numerous ways you can transform the structure into a more subdued and exclusive sanctuary.  Consider a raised deck built off the second level of the house.  The construction will not only make you a little more secluded, but also reward you with better, more gorgeous views.  Some of the most popular installations that can be incorporated into the deck to increase the levels of peace and quiet include latticework panels and privacy fences.   

Factoring Sun Exposure

It is important to consider how much sun you would like your deck to receive during the day.   Living in New England comes with blistering sun in the summertime, meaning you may want to limit the amount of sunshine your deck relieves.  Keep in mind that shade patterns are simply seasonal.  Make sure to examine the levels of sun and shade in your backyard during specific hours of the day when you will most likely be using your deck.  If the building site seems too bright and sunny you may want to relocate to a spot where the house or trees cast a few shadows.  If this route is not possible, simply adding a few umbrellas or awning over the deck is an attractive and cost-effective way to shun the sun.    

Choosing Your Contractor

When it comes to finding the perfect deck for your family and home’s needs, choosing your contractor plays a big role in it.  T n A Contracting Group offers professional decking services from remodeling jobs to full out designs/builds.  Our team will work with you to ensure you create the deck of your dreams.  From the material that is used to the position of your deck.  To get more information on our decking services contact us by calling us at 774-400-3274 or by filling out a contact form on our website!

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