Warning Signs You Need A New Roof

It is hard to overstate the importance of your home’s roof.  Your roof is a big player when it comes to protecting you and your family from the elements. This is why it is important to keep a close eye on your roof and inspect it regularly.  If you happen to notice any of these warning signs we are about to go over you should take action right away as it may save you from more costly repairs down the road.  

A roof near the end of its life shows a number of symptoms such as:

Roof Leaks

One of the most common and obvious signs that your roof is on its way out is a roof leak.  An easy way to check if your home is suffering from roof leaks is to check your attic after rainfall.  Signs of water intrusion will appear if a leak is present.  These areas are often where serious roof leaks will originate from.  

Living in New England can bring all sorts of weather ranging from dry heat to snow.  Ice dams can cause issues as they melt and find their way underneath your shingles and possibly into your home.  If the leaks are confined to a certain area you may just need a roof repair either way reaching out to a roofing professional to take a look is important.  Putting off roof repairs may cause problems to escalate and become worse.  


If you happen to find mold or mildew growing on your walls or ceiling it may be signs of a leaky roof.  Before going forward with a roof repair ensure that your insulation is dry and that your home is properly ventilated, and any plumbing lines or bathroom fixtures are not leaking.  Correcting any of these issues will be cheaper to fix than having to replace your roof.  There are a few things that may grow on your roof over the years such as moss, mold, mildew, and algae.  Having a roof expert inspect it and determine the risk of each growth is vital to ensuring your roof stays strongs and healthy.  

Roof Cracks

Wind damage is a common reason your roof may suffer from cracked shingles.  If you only have a few cracked shingles then just replacing those that are damaged is the most reasonable fix. However, if you have cracked shingles spread out across your roof that is a telltale sign that a roof replacement is needed.  If this is the case for your roof it is recommended to have it replaced in three to five years.  

Roof Rot

A rotting roof can lead to serious structural damage to your home.  Wood will rot when it is exposed to moisture for a prolonged period of time.  It is important to be able to identify a rotting roof to ensure that you minimize damage effectively.  

These following situations may be signs of roof rot: 

  • Torn Flashing or Missing Shingles: Water is a roofs biggest enemy and if your roof has a breach in its water protection system it is only a matter of time before rot takes place.  
  • Water Damage on the Ceiling: In most cases water coming into your home is a result of a breakdown of your roof system.  
  • Growth of Mold in your Attic: Checking your attic routinely for signs of rot is ideal.  Checking your insulation to make sure it is not soggy is a good way to conduct a self diagnosis. 
  • Excessive Growth of Algae or Mold: If you notice green or gray moss or algae on your shingles that means moisture is present.  
  • Sunken Roof Deck: The ridge on your roof should be completely straight.  If you notice any sag you should contact a roofer immediately.  

Poor Energy Efficiency  

You may have noticed that your heating bills have been increasing each winter.  If so, it could be results to a poorly insulated roof.  As most homeowners focus on their doors and windows for this very reason it is often your roof.  A poorly insulated roof allows air to come and go easily.  Which can result in higher energy bills in the colder months.  


If your roof currently has asphalt shingles and is 20 or more years old it is about time for a replacement.  The time span for 3-tab shingles is typically only around 25 years and that is with ideal conditions.  Architectural shingles may last up to 30 years.  Even if you have not noticed any of the other warning signs, if your roof is nearing the end of its life expectancy keep a close eye on it.  

Here is the life expectancy of other roofing materials: 

  • Wood Shingles: 30-40 years 
  • Wood Shakes: 20-40 years 
  • Clay Tiles: 50 years of later 
  • Metal: 70 years 
  • Slate: 100 years or longer 
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If you have noticed any of the symptoms we talked about above then you may be in need of a new roof.  No matter if it is water damage that did it or just time we offer highly trained professionals with experience.  You can get started by requesting an estimate on our site or by giving us a call at 774-400-3274

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